NCAA Football 14 Ultimate Team Season Stats

Ray Lewis

As we wait for the first NCAA Football 14 rosters to be released, many of us have taken to Ultimate Team mode to pass the time. We open our packs, sell off our unwanted goods and battle our way through a dynamic season all in hopes of quenching our thirst for football until we get our beloved rosters. Accept, something’s missing. It just doesn’t feel right.

We plod along through our season, attempting to rack up points and earn free packs and then it hits us. We don’t have stats.

Many of us who spend our time playing NCAA Football Ultimate Team mode are also avid fans of the dynasty mode. Not only is the recruiting a big part of the experience for us, but so are the stats. We love stats. We have to have something tangible with which we can judge our success by. Win-loss records just aren’t enough.

Enter AvidManager.

Avid has spent the past seven years catering to dynasty users (both online and offline). The site provides an excellent free resource (see the theme) for NCAA Football gamers to track their dynasty stats from year-to-year and have them archived for viewing weeks, months or even years down the road (I still have dynasties from 2007 that I periodically look at). However, it occurred to me while playing NFUT that Avid has hidden value in that area as well.

Since you are in control of entering your roster, you have control of the players that you can track stats for. You can enter that freshman Bo Jackson or that Heisman Hopeful Carson Palmer that you have. You can enter the schedule that you played and each game’s corresponding stats. All of this allowing you to track your Ultimate Team season just like you could an offline or online dynasty. And you can do this all for free!

Take a few minutes and stop by AvidManager and check it out. Look through some of the existing dynasties and visualize your NFUT players there with these bright, new shiny stats next to their names. Then create a free account and get started!